Top Reasons why you should Use Storage Container in your Business

The popularity of storage container is growing steadily through the years. More and more people are being creative and discovering that it is useful far beyond what its name suggests. If you haven’t resorted to using storage containers in your business then we at Moveable Container Storage can share with you the following top reasons why our clients are resorting to using our products for their businesses:

• Cost-effective storage solution

If you have been in the business for many years and you are trying to cut back on leasing expenses then it is likely that your office area is crammed with client records, company files, documents and even old equipment and furniture. We understand that leasing or renting additional office space just so you have a place to keep all company-related documents will be too expensive and downright impractical. Our clients think the same way, which is why we offer a more viable option – leasing storage container.


Storage Container Business

Needless to say renting or leasing portable container storage will give your business value for money. You can meet your additional storage space requirements at a more affordable price. The same solution applies if you are engaged in a business, which is “seasonal” in nature. Retail shops, specialty stores, restaurants and the like need additional storage spaces from time to time to keep their additional inventory during peak season. It will be unwise to build or rent spaces for this purpose when the same cannot be fully utilized all year round.

• Reliability and readiness

Have you experienced needing office spaces that you can occupy immediately but none is available? Some of our clients have experienced the same thing especially during emergency situations wherein they have to vacate their existing business place without much preparation. To address such happenings, we offer clients our ground level portable storage containers that are all ready for set up and can be fully utilized/operational in a few days. We also have a nationwide network, which serves over 60 locations so we are sure to reach clients from all over the country without trouble.

• Quality and security

Seasonal merchandise, additional products and even old company files and client records are all valuable. This means you should store all these in a protected area, which is also free from environmental elements that can cause damage. Imagine if you will lose a sizeable number of your products because of theft. How about finding important documents barely recognizable because they are all soaking wet because of recent storm in the area? The amount of money lost in both circumstances could be unquantifiable when you consider all factors.

Storage Container Use

It is possible to avoid all these things by utilizing storage containers as a storage solution. Every storage container in our company is made from high quality material, which can withstand harsh weather conditions. You will sure to find all your valuables in top shape even after extreme weather disturbances. Moreover, our storage containers have built-in high security locking system to ensure that all your goods and documents are secured and safe from intruders.

• Accessibility and control

If you are going to lease offsite storage facility, you have to go through tons of work and a lot of time to accomplish it. Consider the time and effort needed to load/unload a truck and the travel time to and from your office to the storage facility. Wouldn’t it be more practical for the storage facility to “come” to you and “stay” near you so you don’t have to waste time and energy? This is precisely what we provide our customers – on-site accessibility.

Apart from being accessible, resorting to on-site portable storage containers will also provide you with complete control. If there is a need for you to see your inventory or goods, you can readily do so without having to travel far. You don’t have to rely on second-hand reports as well since you can check your “warehouse” anytime. Imagine not having to stress over whether your inventory is safe.

The different reasons mentioned above are just some of the many advantages experienced by our clients when they partnered with us. We at Moveable Container Storage do not merely provide “ready-made” storage containers where you can stuff your excess baggage in. Our company has the expertise, manpower and skills to customize every one of our storage container to fit your unique needs.


We at Moveable Container Storage, provide rental and purchase services for storage container with affordable price. If you know more about our services, contact us.

Category: Making Things Easier for You

Brick and mortar stores are a dying breed. Now with just a few clicks in your computer, you can already do your shopping and even have all these delivered to your home. Such is the advantage brought about by technology.

At, we make sure that you enjoy all these conveniences and more. is the authority when it comes to manufacturing high quality custom patches. They make patches for the military, sports clubs, corporations, and just about any organization you can Iron-on-patchesthink of.

Patches are a good way of marketing. In fact, there is ease of recall most especially when the known logos are incorporated with the company colors. For others, wearing an association’s patch makes them proud as it creates a sense of belongingness. Still, others wear the patches on jackets, shirts or pants as they feel hip wearing these.

How Patches are created? makes sure that ordering your patches is done as easily as counting one to three. The first of the steps involves the customer giving specifications (or a sample artwork) which will be made the basis for coming up with the patch design. Here, color preferences, size of the patch, area of design and form are agreed upon. Next, the digital proof is done after which we confirm with you acceptability. It may please you to note that we will not be making any patch unless you are 100% satisfied with the proof. When the proof has been approved, it is only then that manufacture of the patches start.

At times, customers will approach us having only a general idea of what they actually want to appear in the patch. In this case, our artists will be more than happy to design a patch according to what you want.

Size of the patch is determined based on its length and width. Thus, for an odd shaped patch, height of the patch is added to the length. The resulting number is then divided by 2 to come up with the patch size.

The website contains the different colors of the twill (the material where the patch is to be embroidered) and the thread that can be used for it. The price of the first seven colors is already included in the standard quote for each piece. Only if you use more than 7 colors on your patch will you need to pay for an additional fee.

Designs on the patch may either have 50 or 75% embroidery in which case, you will have to choose a twill color that will complement your patch colors. If you decide to have 100% embroidery, then the twill color would not actually matter.

The price of the patch is also dependent on the specific number of pieces you will be ordering. You can order a minimum of 10 to as much as 2,000 patches. Of course, the higher the number of orders, the cheaper the resulting piece price will become.

There are different patch backing options you can choose from when it comes to putting the patch on your clothing item. You can choose whether to use a Velcro (for multiple uses) or a tape (for less permanent use) if you opt for the easy stick on option. Others prefer an iron on patch where you just have to use an iron and cloth over the patch for it to stay glued. If you want your patches to become even firmer so you can further extend their use, then you can use the plastic backing with the iron on. Another option in wearing the patch is to attach a button loop to it. This type will just need something to hang it on in the cloth. Of course, these add-ons entail some additional costs on top of the initial cost.

Patches are capable of serving a variety of purposes – from being mobile marketing tools to club membership distinction patches, to sports team memberships, or even just as accessories to everyday clothing. These instill pride to the wearer. Be it in the boardroom or the playing field, having a well-crafted patch speaks well of the organization you represent and we, at, will definitely be there whenever you need us.


Things To Consider In Choosing The Right Golf Drivers

Every golfer loves a good drive. Hitting that ball down the fairway and into the hole in just a couple of swings can be very rewarding. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that yet.

With the proper skills and experience, making a good drive is not an impossible feat. Mastering your drive swings, finding your balance and getting the right stance can help you achieve a better game.

Golf DriversBut before you delve down such technicalities, it is important that you should first find that 1-wood that would feel perfectly right to your grip. This 1-wood or driver plays a vital role in making that good drive you are longing. However, finding this can be a daunting task especially if you are not completely sure with what you are actually looking. And as we hear your dilemma, we listed down the important things to consider in choosing the right golf drivers for you.

Shaft Length

The shaft is a cylindrical piece of graphite or metal and is a major component of a driver. Choosing the right shaft length varies from golfer to golfer and provides benefits depending on your choice.

To find the best shaft length for you, you must try different lengths and determine your ball speed, club speed, dispersion and distance through a launch monitor under a watchful eye of a pro. Players with fast swing speeds may get more benefits from shorter shafts while golfers with slow swing-speeds may opt for a longer shaft.

Lie and Loft Angles

Lie angle is the measured angle between the shaft and the sole of the club head. Sometimes, players need their angles adjusted according to their height, swing style or arm length. Depending on these factors, players can benefit from a higher or lower lie angle.

On the other hand, the loft angle determines the launch angle of golf drivers wherein a higher launch is equal to a greater distance it can produce. A higher loft also increases the backspin to improve the flight time of the ball.

Both lie and loft angles can be adjusted with adjustable hosels. This can be very useful as it allows the driver to be fine-tuned to suit your swing style and personal preference.

Shaft Flex
Shaft flex is defined as the amount of bend in the club.

You can determine which flex is best for your swing through your club head speed. A regular flex is intended for golfers with average swing speed while a stiff flex is for players with faster swing speed. Furthermore, a varying flex called uniflex is designed to fit most swing speeds.

Stiffness levels are also labeled with different letters: “R” stands for regular, “S” stands for stiff, “X” stands for extra stiff,”L” stands for ladies and “A” or “M” stands for amateur or senior.The most common flex for men is “R” and “L” is for women.

In most cases, players with slower swing speed should go for a more flexible shaft like L, A or R to maximize the distance. On the contrary, those with higher swing speeds should opt for stiffer shafts such as S or X to increase accuracy.

Club head Size and Weight

Another thing to consider in choosing the right driver is the clubhead’s size and weight. The club head is the part that actually hits the ball. This part of the driver determines the height and distance the ball will travel.

Golf apparelWith a larger head size, golfers are provided with a larger sweet spot in hitting the ball off the tee. It can also help improve your golf techniques in greater extents. However, the United States Golf Association’s rule limits a maximum clubhead’s volume size to 460cc. On the other hand, smaller driver heads offer more control to golfers with repeatable swings.

Grip Size

The grip is the rubber cover that allows you to hold onto the club. Clubs are identified with standard, midsize or oversize grips. Choosing the right grip size for you will help you control the driver properly when hitting the ball.

Different designs, textures and colors are available in different clubs. All these variations help players grip the club well and effectively.

Getting the right golf drivers is one key in making good drives down the fairway, consistent pars and successful birdies. A well-fitted driver can make a big difference in your entire game. And to achieve this, it is only important that you are familiar with the factors mentioned above in choosing your 1-wood.

We at the Rock Bottom Golf offer a wide variety of golf drivers to get your right fit. Choose from our huge selection for both lefties and righties and start hitting that ball off the tee.


Five Tips In Choosing The Motivational Speakers To Hire

Nowadays, a lot of people who offer to share their expertise to an audience or organization call themselves motivational speakers. It is easy to brand themselves as such since they are essentially freelancers who market their own services.

However, we believe that prospective clients like you should know that not all professional speakers are motivational speakers. Many of them are mere resource speakers who can share their knowledge but might fall flat when it comes to the motivating department. As we always say, motivational speaking is not just about expertise; it is also about charisma and the ability to persuade.Do not waste time and money by hiring ineffective motivational speakers. To get more information about best effective motivational speakers contact here

Let these tips guide you towards making the right decision.

1. Approach the local speakers bureau or similar organizations for a shortlist.

Keynote speakerNormally, you will be told to ask for reference from family, friends, colleagues, and connections in the industry. However, building your own shortlist is not exactly the most practical way to do it, especially if you have a deadline to beat. Instead, look for organizations that can recommend some of their members based on your requirements. Aside from the fact that their members have already been screened and tested, the organizations can also take accountability for the actions of their members, which gives you lighter responsibilities to your own organization or group.

2. Take a look at the candidates’ credentials, both as experts and as speakers.

Some outstanding experts are mediocre speakers, while some mediocre experts are outstanding speakers. Of course, there are some outstanding experts that are also outstanding speakers. The problem is that the best choices are seldom available and affordable. Hence, you have to make a compromise when needed.

The best motivational speakers are not always the ones with the best credentials. They are the ones who can deliver what you need based on their background and their ability to deliver an effective motivational speech. You have to be as specific as possible when it comes to your requirements so that you can also find the closest match.

Motivational SpeakersFor instance, a successful businessman who is the son of a mogul may have more impressive credentials than a fledgling entrepreneur. However, if the audience are composed of aspiring entrepreneurs who will start from scratch, isn’t it wiser to hire someone who can guide the audience to a step-by-step process of starting from scratch than hire someone who has had a silver spoon since birth?

Choose someone who can deliver what is asked of him, not someone who is more impressive in paper than in person.

3. Review the candidates’ past speaking engagements.

Asking for feedback from past clients and audience is very helpful, but it will be more practical to review the candidates’ past speaking engagements yourself. Almost everything is on YouTube nowadays. You can also download a speaker’s video if he has been part of TED before. If the speaker has a speaking engagement soon, try to be part of the audience to see his performance from an audience’s point of view. You can also gauge the crowd’s reception towards the speaker at the same time.

4. Ask for a proposal from each candidate.

Once you have narrowed down your list further, you can contact the candidates one by one and explain your organization, event, audience, and topic. Provide all of your requirements down to the last details, and then ask for a proposal that explains what the candidate can offer and how he can deliver the information required of him. This is an essential procedure if the event will have paying audience, other sponsors, and certifications.

Encourage each candidate to pitch in with his ideas, but you should also be firm about your requirements that cannot be compromised.

5. Negotiate for the price and demands.

Why do the price and demands go at the end of the selection process? This is because price and demands can discourage any potential client like you right away. These two things are negotiable, and even if the speaker does not want to change his mind, you might still want to consider if the quality of the speaker and the potential of the proposal are too impressive to pass up. After all, you can try to adjust your budget later on by asking for more funds, increasing ticket prices, and getting more sponsors.


Custom Silicone Bracelets

Shopping for custom silicone bracelets? We offer high quality bracelets at unbeatable prices and 100% customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

Promote your business, celebrate milestones, raise awareness, show team spirit or spread a word for cause by simply customizing a bracelet that delivers your message to the public. Through the years, we have witnessed the increasing popularity of custom bracelets among people in different areas. At schools, establishments, sports centers, trade shows, and fundraising and music events—everyone is wearing silicone bracelets! This has become the new trend and so you can never go wrong with custom bracelets when it comes to marketing your brand.

Bracelet Pricing

All our products are made from 100% hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicon rubber. We use state-of-the-art machineries in molding and engraving your designs and the result is a great-looking custom bracelet of superb quality. But don’t get us wrong. Our bracelets may be superior but our prices are unbeatable. We offer bulk pricing, which means the more bracelets you order, the more you save. We beat other manufacturers’ prices while providing you with highly dependable products.

You can get free design and artwork from us and we make revisions at no extra cost. We want your custom bracelets to look exactly the way you want them and so you can request to revise the design if you’re not satisfied with it. Unlike some other manufacturers, we do not have extra charges and absolutely no hidden fees. The prices you see on our website are all-inclusive. You get a best price order your silicone bracelets today and start taking advantage of our special offers.

Bracelet Styles

Whatever the occasion is, our custom bracelets will save the day. Select from our choices of debossed, embossed, color-filled, color-coated, one-inch and three quarter inch bracelets. We also offer a full range of colors which can be segmented, swirled, silkscreened or plain solid. Your choices are vast as the ocean!

Read on to find the exact bracelet style you want.

1. Debossed bracelets.

Debossed braceletsThis is our most common bracelet style to date. With debosssed bracelets, the design is molded directly into the bracelet. You can include the name, logo or slogan of your organization to the design to add more character to it.

2. Embossed bracelets.

Choose the embossed style if you want to take your bracelet’s appearance to the next level. Instead of molded, your design is raised above the surface of the bracelet to create a more astonishing effect.

3. Color-filled bracelets.

Rubber braceletsIf you want your silicone bracelets to look more colorful, then go with the color-filled style. We apply an extra layer of color to provide an eye-catching look that is visible even from afar.

4. Color-coated bracelets.

This is the newest style we offer and we’re excited for you to try it! The process for the color-coated style involves coating the outside of the bracelets with your choice of paint color and engraving your design into the bracelets after. The contrasting effect this produces is sure to grab attention.

5. One-inch bracelets.

Silicone WristbandsIf you prefer a large design, then one-inch bracelets are perfect for you. Standard bracelets are half-inch so you get twice the space with one-inch bracelets. The additional space lets you create a bigger and more ornate design to make it more visible from a distance.

6. Three-quarter-inch bracelets.

For some, this is just the perfect size. If you think one inch is too large and the standard half-inch too small, then three-inch-quarter bracelets are for you. You can increase the size of your design without being overly huge.

These are only some of the bracelet styles we offer. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly customer support representatives will be delighted to assist you.

24-Hour Rush Bracelets

Need your bracelets sooner? Do not worry. We know situations like these happen and so we have a solution for you. We accept one-day rush orders on our debossed and color-coated styles. You read it right, we will process your order and complete the production within 24 hours or less. We’ll ship your bracelets just in time for the event. And though the bracelets are rushed, expect the same high quality as with all our other bracelets. We also have a huge stock of bracelet colors to choose from. Browse through our website to discover more. Rush bracelets should not be a problem. Order yours through us and we’ll ensure your bracelets get to you in time.

New Builder Version 2.0

We have a new custom bracelet builder that features an advanced bracelet designer. With this new version, you can order, build and preview your bracelets through your computer or even your mobile device. How convenient! This way, you will see exactly how your silicone bracelets will look like prior to locking in your order, making the process faster and hassle-free. Give it a try today!


HCG for Diets

HCG is a wonderful weight loss supplement for helping you burn calories–and excess body fat–quickly and easily. The supplement can help you actually feel less hunger, which will help you eat less and therefore lose more weight. The only trick is that you will need to stick to the diet plan. For one thing, make sure to place a few drops under your tongue a few minutes before you sit down to eat. That will give the HCG time to get into your bloodstream and do its work in terms of helping to suppress your appetite. And there should be no worries about using HCG. It is safe and natural, as demonstrated by Dr. Simeons during his clinical trials.

HCG for DietsMore powerful than using just generic drops alone, if you use HCG Ultra Diet Drops, you’ll get a lot more weight-loss bang for your buck. In addition to your supply of HCG, you will also receive Weight Loc (an appetite suppressant), a pedometer to help you keep track of many steps you take on any given day, and free shipping. Everything you need to help you lose weight quickly and easily will be sent directly to you at no charge! Best of all, HCG Ultra Diet Drops come with a money-back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose except pounds and inches of fat from all around your body,

People who want to lose weight tend to want to lose it NOW. Dieters are always hungry (no pun intended) for the fastest and easiest means of shedding unwanted, excess weight. Unfortunately, there is no magical solution that will help anyone lose weight. Or, if there is, then that method will come with high, unhealthy cost. The reality of weight loss is that, if you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to put some effort into it.

You might find that the diet and the drops alone are enough to help you reach your weight-loss goals. You might desire to return to the diet periodically in order to help maintain your newer, slimmer figure. You might also find that adding a regular routine of moderate exercise after you finish the HCG diet will help you keep off the weight you lost. As with any diet, if you lose weight and then begin eating terrible foods again, the weight you lost will come back. All the HCG drops and diet can do is to help you lose weight. They cannot help you keep your ideal weight forever. No diet can do that.

If you need to (or simply want to) lose a lot of weight right away, then HCG drops and the accompanying diet might be just the thing to help you get started.



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